4 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Part of the Best SEO Strategies

//4 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Part of the Best SEO Strategies

4 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Part of the Best SEO Strategies

Like other website owners and bloggers, appearing on the first search engines pages is an undying desire. You want your website to be the best option for the web visitors. As you may know, pages in the first position of Google always receive high clicks and views than the subsequent ones. While this is not an uphill task, you require solid strategies for achieving the objective.

Embedding an animated explainer video is one step to reaching the Canaan of your dream. Taking this route woos the Google ranking algorithm robots pushing your page to the top position. As to why and how does the video enhance your SEO ranking? Here are the reasons:

a)   Reduce bouncing rates

Nothing is painful than receiving a click from an online visitor but leaves within seconds. It is like receiving a customer in your shop who moves around and leaves without saying a word. Having high bouncing rates has a negative impact on your site. It is an indicator that the content contained in it is unhelpful to the visitors. As such, Google observes this trend and later, your site starts to drop down the ranks.

Having an explainer video can save you from these issues. The video attracts the clients’ attention making them navigate your page and do not leave immediately upon logging in. Thus, reduced bouncing rate takes your site up the ranks or enables you to sustain your position if you are already there.

b)  Increases customer duration

Certainly, if the visitors do not leave immediately upon logging to your site, it means they will spend more time. Google interprets this aspect as having reliable information on your site. To help you reach a wider audience, it pushes your site to the top positions. As you know, a video is attractive and entertaining. The desire to be entertained and enjoy fun makes visitors get glued to a website with explainer videos.

Also, the current reading laziness attached to millennials; make them watch videos to get the necessary information for making purchase decisions. Hence, videos increase visitors’ duration on your site which enhances its reliability to online searchers and impact your Google rankings.

c)   YouTube is the second largest search engine

If you didn’t know, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Also, as per current developments and changes in the online market, it might become the leading search engine. Probably, you can confirm that when searching for some content on the search engine, among the top 10 results you cannot miss a YouTube video. In this essence, uploading animated explainer videos on your website and sharing the same on YouTube will ensure you get better ranking on search engines.

Also, nowadays, most people are turning to YouTube to find tutorials and information on particular brands. Hence, you can use explainer videos and teach your customers about your products and direct them to your website. By doing so, you will increase your web traffic and boost your search engine ranking.

d)  Free online marketing

Even though not all free things are good, getting a free promotion without any strings attached is a great desire for many entrepreneurs. Notably, in the modern competitive online market where one requires you to invest a lot of time and money on promotion activities, getting an opportunity to save a dime is a well-thought idea. By uploading animated explainer videos on your site, you open a door for the free promotion. This is because people will share your videos on their social pages and groups. In turn, your brand will get exposure without requiring you to invest extra marketing cash.


All in all, animated explainer videos are a solid way of optimizing your page for the search engines. If you apply the technique critically, it can enhance your profitability and boost your SEO ranks.

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